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The NEWAVE project aims to point the way forward in the global debate about water governance. It does so by developing research and training for a new generation of future water governance leaders, and by equipping them with the transdisciplinary skills to better tackle water challenges.

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The rising threats of future water crises and hydro-social challenges, present an urgent need to enhance the global capacity to reflect critically on the current water governance trajectory.

Bring together

an excellent trans-national and transdisciplinary network of water governance organisations


Develop and implement

a cutting-edge actionable research agenda on the key water governance priorities and insights for future directions

Research projects


a new generation of water governance and ensure that they have trans- and interdisciplinary skills

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Excited about our newly published (open-access) paper! In the paper, we: 1) quantify the model (dis)agreement across 3 global riverine flood models (basin level, global scale). 2) present how data choice affects riverine exposure estimates (26 countries).
Policy transfer as asymmetrical conversation: new paper by @hasan_shahnoor, Jaap Evers and Andres Verzijl - based on study of travels of Dutch Delta Plan to Bangladesh and Vietnam.
@NEWAVE_NETWORK it has been incredible conducting fieldwork in Spain with support from @FNCAgua and Nuria Hernandez-Mora
Does the name really matter? Yes it does. Names frame discussions and with it the substance of what is – and what is not – being discussed. As long as economic growth will stand in the way of social-ecological justice, it will make sense to speak of #degrowth.